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Dr Lauren Bull

Consultant in Sexual Health, Genitourinary Medicine, Contraception and HIV Medicine


My name is Lauren and I warmly greet you! I’m a consultant in Sexual Health, Genitourinary Medicine, Contraception and HIV Medicine at a leading teaching hospital trust in West London. 

My medical interests lie in HIV care, complex STI care, chronic vaginoses and vulvar disease, contraception as well as psychosexual aspects of sexual health. I am also dual specialising in reproductive and sexual healthcare with special interest in menopause.  

Outside of the NHS I run my own successful business; I’m a qualified personal trainer, aerobics instructor, Yoga and Pilates teacher, Meditation teacher and practitioner of Western Medical Acupuncture. Additionally, in my spare time (!) I’m into weight training, and am a current world champion and pro bikini model!

Given the breadth of my skillset I have unique insight and experience into holistic health and wellbeing not afforded to most of my contemporaries. My expertise and passion lie in looking at the whole of an individual and using my extensive practical knowledge in medicine, fitness, nutrition and holistic health to treat, guide and coach an individual to better health; physically, mentally sexually and spiritually. 

Whether it is treating a genital problem, fitting a contraceptive coil, teaching someone how to meditate, life coaching or giving someone acupuncture for pain; I am always calling upon my substantial and diverse training to provide the best care for my patients/clients. Finally, I’m also, most importantly, a mother of three beautiful children.  I’m acutely aware of the challenges both physically and mentally that this transition brings and as such can offer well rounded information and advice around adjusting to this period of life.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you feel I may be of assistance to you!