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The West London Clinic Story

The West London Clinic (TWLC) will launch in March 2023.

It is one of the first Consultant owned, multidisciplinary, polyclinics in the UK.

The idea of setting up a collaborative polyclinic came to clinic founder and knee and hip specialist Dr Arjuna Imbuldeniya, after being invited to take part in a BBC TV series called Diagnosis Detectives in 2020. In this show, 12 leading Consultant experts from different medical and surgical fields, worked successfully together to help patients who had been suffering for years with seemingly undiagnosable or incurable problems.

Working together, instead of in silo’s as is traditional in NHS and private medicine, meant that the specialists were more effective and this helped the patients on the TV series get the correct diagnosis and correct treatments they needed to get better faster.

Dr Imbuldeniya wanted to try and help make this TV show an everyday reality for patients and has worked hard for almost 2 years, putting together a hand-picked expert team of top Doctors, Surgeons and allied health professionals local to where he lives and works in West London.

All the Consultant doctors at TWLC are specialists and experts in their own fields, with decades of experience in London NHS teaching hospitals. What is different however, is that they also have great working relationships with and have access to the other specialists in the clinic.

This means if needed, they can work together, collaborate and learn from each other to ensure you and your family have access to the highest quality, safest, evidence based medical and surgical care available.

In addition to the medical team and surgical teams, they are supported by exceptional local allied health professionals including physiotherapists, psychotherapists, specialist nurses, radiographers, audiologists, dieticians, sports rehabilitators and osteopaths amongst others.

All of our team are chosen based on previous positive patient experience and feedback.

TWLC team will assess you in a friendly, easy to understand manner, examine you as appropriate and organise any tests you might need after talking you through all the options.

All costs for consultations or investigations and treatments will be discussed and communicated to you clearly and in a transparent manner beforehand so you are comfortable with them and can budget appropriately if you are self funding your care.

We are recognised by all major health insurers and have extensive experience treating both our local patients in and around West London and those visiting from further afield in the UK and overseas.

TWLC team are available to see patients at a number of clinic sites around West London including Chelsea, Earls Court, Chiswick, Brentford, Harrow and Windsor.